Rabu, 30 November 2016

Gastric Cut Crop Solutions Weight Could Be Bad

Gastric Cut Crop Solutions Weight Could Be Bad
                        JAKARTA,  Obesity or overweight is not just a matter of appearance. Moreover, obesity may increase the risk of various diseases, such as heart disease, diabetes, and hypertension.
To live more healthy, obese individuals should attempt to lose weight. Weight loss can be done by eating a nutritionally balanced taste, reduce fatty foods and regular physical activity.
However, for some people with obesity, undergoing a healthy diet and exercise has never impervious to lose weight significantly. Overcoming it, bariatric surgery may be an option obese individuals who failed diet.
Gastrointestinal surgeon, Errawan Wiradisuria, disclose, bariatric surgery is the most widely performed laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy (LSG).
"" LSG's operations the most simple and secure, by cutting the stomach of the patient. So, if he already sports, baseball has been dieting all sorts of down-down weight, we could do the surgery, ' "said Errawan in discussions at Siloam Hospitals Kebon Jeruk, Jakarta, Tuesday (07/06/2016).
This operation will cut the stomach to only 25 percent. With a smaller stomach size, patients will automatically mengasup less food for full faster.
Errawan told, there are patients who weigh 148 kg has dropped to 85 kg after surgery LSG.
"" Within 12 months, the weight can be decreased as much as 50-80 percent, '' said Errawan.
This operation uses techniques laparoscopic or minimally invasive surgery. Cutting the hull was not done by cutting open the abdomen, but only make a small hole in the abdomen. The surgeon will make a 3-5 hole in the patient's stomach.
The surgeon uses a stapler, which is a tool used for cutting as well sew or glue with a titanium hull. The rest of the hull that is not used will be issued in one of the small holes.
"" So, one of the holes will be brought up to a size of about 5 cm in order to get the rest of the stomach, ' "said the doctor who practices at Digestive Clinic Hospital Kebon Jeruk Siloam this.
Operation takes about three hours, starting from preparation to completion. With the lack of incision in the abdomen, the patient had been able to return home five days later after surgery.

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Senin, 07 November 2016

7 Tips Lose Weight in Fasting Month - Comp

7 Tips Lose Weight in Fasting Month - Comp
Fasting during Ramadan is the right moment to make the body more healthy and lose weight excess.
If you want to benefit from healthy while fasting, sahurlah with nutritionally balanced meals. Fasting When breaking any event should not be a revenge for all you can eat.
Here are 7 tips to lose weight during Ramadan as quoted from Boldsky.com:
1. Avoid fatty foods tinggiAsupan food greatly affects weight loss. Make sure the meal with a menu of healthy and nutritionally balanced. Avoid foods that are too spicy, greasy or fried foods containing high fat. Expand to eat vegetables and fruits.
2. Do not miss eating sahurIngin lose weight does not mean skipping the meal for the stamina for 12 hours of fasting and body stay energized. Skip the pre-dawn meal can actually slow down your metabolism and lose body fat burning.
3. Do less cairanPastikan Fasting when the body does not dehydrate. Consume plenty of water and fruit juices. If the body is well hydrated, your metabolism is also better so that helps with weight loss.
4. High in fiber and protein Eat foods that are high in fiber and protein, especially during fasting. Protein, healthy fats, and fiber can help the body's metabolism to burn calories throughout the night. When dawn should also consume foods high in fiber and protein that makes feel full longer.
5. Do activities fisikPuasa is no time for lazing though it sometimes feels limp body. Make physical activity ranging from mild to moderate, such as walking, sit-ups and squats. The combination of healthy food intake and physical activity can accelerate the weight loss process.
6. Reduce food manisMelihat sugary foods or high sugar is lucrative. Perhaps it is hard to avoid the delicious sweets. But remember, if you want to lose weight, avoid foods high in sugar. If you want to be healthier, better consumption of fruits or juices that provide natural sweetness.
7. Hold the appetite berlebihHidangan break their fasting until Lebaran arrived usually full of delicious food. Take control of your appetite. Do not overeat and remember intention to lose weight healthy.
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