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Criminologists UI Police Have Strong Evidence Mirna Death Cases

Criminologists UI Police Have Strong Evidence Mirna Death Cases
 The case of the death of Mirna Salihin who died after drinking coffee is the public attention. Police set Jessica Kumala Wongso as a suspect in the death of Mirna. Determination of Jessica as a suspect conducted on Saturday.
According to the expert criminologist University of Indonesia, Hendri Tri Yogo, the police have had the ultimate weapon for this case.
Actually, the police have strong evidence. Baseball and the police need to show proof to the results of the public, later in the trial. Not only cctv but also the expert witness. So not only one variant. Essentially all will be clearly demonstrated in court. Jessica Is it done or not, said the man who is familiarly called this Yogo saa
, Monday, February 1, 2016.
This case raises a number of speculations. One of them is the news that said Jessica psychopath. Yogo explained, should not be carelessly judge of character.
Specifies a character or psychiatric disorders should be very caution. We can not look like that (invisible), there should be a test of police and a team of experts (psychologists), he said.
As is known, Mirna Salihin, flawless woman died after drinking coffee at a café in Central Jakarta some time ago.
Later known, coffee drunk newlyweds appeared to have mixed the cyanide, which is one of the harmful toxins.
Shortly after the case became public spotlight, the police finally set Jessica, a friend in college Mirna as a suspect. He was arrested at a hotel in the area of ​​Mangga Dua, Jakarta, when she was staying with her parents. The case is still under investigation Polda Metro Jaya.

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